What drill breaks chlorophyte?

Chlorophyte is a highly valuable resource in the popular video game Terraria. It is used to craft powerful weapons, armor, and tools. To obtain chlorophyte, players need a drill capable of mining it. However, not all drills in the game are capable of breaking through the tough chlorophyte ore. In this article, we will explore which drills are capable of mining chlorophyte.

Drills that can break chlorophyte

Chlorophyte can be mined with drills made of certain materials. Here are the drills that can break chlorophyte:

1. Drax

The Drax is a powerful drill that is capable of breaking through chlorophyte. It is crafted using Hallowed Bars, which are obtained by defeating the mechanical bosses in Terraria. The Drax not only mines chlorophyte but also other hardmode ores, making it an essential tool for resource gathering.

2. Picksaw

The Picksaw is another drill that can break chlorophyte. It is crafted using Hallowed Bars and souls of the mechanical bosses. The Picksaw has a high mining power, making it an efficient tool for mining chlorophyte. It also has a fast mining speed, allowing players to gather chlorophyte quickly.

Drills that cannot break chlorophyte

What drill breaks chlorophyte?

While the Drax and Picksaw are capable of mining chlorophyte, there are other drills in Terraria that cannot break through this valuable ore. Here are some examples:

1. Cobalt Drill

The Cobalt Drill is an early-game drill that is unable to mine chlorophyte. It can only mine lower-tier ores and is quickly outclassed once players enter hardmode.

2. Mythril Drill

The Mythril Drill, like the Cobalt Drill, is unable to mine chlorophyte. It is an intermediate-level drill that can mine harder ores than the Cobalt Drill but still falls short when it comes to chlorophyte mining.

In summary, the Drax and Picksaw are the drills that can break through chlorophyte in Terraria. These drills are essential for players looking to gather this valuable resource for crafting powerful weapons, armor, and tools. Other drills, such as the Cobalt Drill and Mythril Drill, are unable to mine chlorophyte and become obsolete once players progress further in the game. Make sure to obtain the Drax or Picksaw to make the most out of chlorophyte mining in Terraria!

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